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As a licensed and responsible lender, we encourage you to review our sample borrowing costs below.

Maximum Allowable Cost per $100 borrowed:


Our cost per $100 borrowed:



Your $300 loan for 14 days
Amount Advanced: $300
Total Cost of Borrowing: $54
Total you repay; $354

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How it works

Credit Club provides short-term loans used for immediate money needs. From $100 - $1,500, these loans are deposited directly into your bank account and withdrawn (plus fees) on your next payday. Basically, we provide a quick and convenient way to access a small sum of money for a short amount of time.

Loan application requirements:

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Credit Club strongly protects your personal and financial information.  We will never sell, rent or otherwise distribute your information; and we only share what's necessary to complete your requested transactions.  See our privacy policy for full details.

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